Spend A Week In A Tesla “Hotel” For Just $600


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With a starting price of $70,000, the Tesla Model S is undoubtedly a luxury vehicle that only the upper crust of society can afford. But there are other ways to get into a Model S that don’t involve buying it, or even renting one, at least in the traditional sense. Peer-to-peer house-sharing service AirBnB has a Tesla Model S “hotel” for rent for about $600 a week, so now you and up to one other person can “camp out” in the electric sedan.

The Tesla “hotel” is actually located in the garage of the owner’s condo, where you’ll have access to the kitchen, bathroom, and living areas. But the sleeping accommodations are the Model S, which has been outfitted with a couple of battery-operated “candles” and an inflatable double bed, providing surprisingly roomy (and groovy) accommodations. It’s not often that many of us have the opportunity to sleep in a $118,000 hotel room, and the owner will even drive you around Phoenix, Arizona (where the Tesla and condo are located) for an extra fee.

It’s fun to note that the Tesla does make an ideal camping vehicle. Because it is all-electric, the heat or A/C can run all night without worrying about killing the battery or putting harmful emissions in the air. And because the back seats fold flat directly into the rear trunk, a mattress fits without any issues. There’s also the fact that the 17-inch touchscreen lets you browse the internet and play music, though even in park the screen won’t play any videos.

Alas, because this is the owner’s main car, there are some restrictions, like an 8 AM rise-and-shine mandate, and there are no pets or mutl-person parties allowed inside Hotel Tesla. Still, it’s hard to beat the price, even if you don’t actually get a chance to drive it…though I bet if you’re nice to the owner, you might be able to work out a brief test drive. While it might be awhile before we all end up driving a Tesla, this is your chance to spend a lot of quality time with one, right now.

Could you see yourself sleeping in a car for a week, even a nice car like the Model S?



Hat tip to Chelsea Sexton who stumbled upon this unique hotel.

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