Custom Zero Motorcycle Concept Goes From Sketch To Road


Originally posted on EV Obsession

The sign of any successful vehicle company is a healthy aftermarket and tuner culture, and Zero Motorcycles has plenty of that. Whether its been modified for land speed records or Pikes Peak, Zero Motorcycle owners love to tweak their electric-two wheelers. The latest addition to the modified Zero Motorcycle crew was done by “Bruno” Bruce Gallardo, who brought his concept from sketch to reality, reports InsideEVs.

It’s a major departure from any of Zero’s production models, especially moving the rear suspension linkage closer towards the battery, giving the seat a “floating” effect. It has a very cyberpunk feel to it, like something out of Blade Runner or Deus Ex with its exposed battery packs and see-through flarings. It’s a far more attractive look for the Zero than the uber-aerodynamics Terry Hershner strapped to his cross-country bike, though it’s worth wondering how much functionality was sacrificed for this awesome look.

Gallardo’s designs aren’t just limited to motorcycles either, as he has some cool takes on the 2020 Ford F-150, as well as a hybrid Citroen and ultralight Honda from 2025. Electric vehicles like the Zero and Tesla Model S offer designers new opportunities in design. Once electric cars become more in vogue, who knows what other futuristic, cyberpunkish designs might be born?



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