Would You Buy A Chevy Volt Coupe?

Volt Coupe

An artist’s rendering of a two-door Chevy Volt coupe is making the rounds on the internet. Although not officially sanctioned by Chevrolet, you can bet company executives are paying attention to how the public reacts to this design exercise by well-known Hungarian artist and photoshop genius, X-Tomi.

The rendering, first reported by Carscoops, shows a clean, modern, and altogether appealing car. The problem is, coupes always sell in quite small numbers compared to their sedan brethren. Even though we say we like how they look, they really are impractical for the everyday use by. Can you imagine getting two toddlers in and out of the back seat? And don’t even think about getting all those tiny car seat belts and straps that need fastening and unfastening. Yikes!

Still, with the rear seat folded flat and the hatch open, you can cram a lot of stuff inside. Coupes are popular with couples who want to go camping once in a while and don’t like the idea of driving a boring sedan that looks like all the other boring sedans on the superslab. The 2016 Chevy Volt already looks a lot better than its predecessor, and subtracting two doors could actually increase its appeal beyond the usual suspects.

Honda has always sold enough coupes to justify the extra tooling and production costs. Could Chevrolet find a small but dedicated core of coupe fans to buy a 3 door version of the Volt? Let us know what you think.

Steve Hanley

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