Volvo Goes Back To The Future With New S60 Cross Country

volvoVolvo took the wraps off its newest model, the S60 Cross Country sedan. Wait, did you read that right? Surely that’s a misprint. We meant to say V60, right? After all, every Volvo Cross Country for the past 20 years has been a wagon.

Nope, this new all wheel drive soft roader is a regular S60 sedan with a 2.5″ suspension lift and subtle, Subaru Outback-style cladding. Why? Apparently it’s all about the crossover craze that is sweeping the automotive industry as it struggles to identify profitable new niche markets.

The recipe is simple. Take an ordinary production vehicle, give it all wheel drive and some special bodywork, refer to is as a crossover in all promotional material, and watch the customers storm the showrooms to buy one. That’s the theory, anyway. Note to Volvo: at least BMW and Honda had the decency to include a hatchback as part of their recent crossover vehicles.

The S60 Cross Country will ride on either 18″ or 19″ tires. Grunt is provided by Volvo’s standard issue 5 cylinder inline engine turbocharged to produce 250 horsepower. Prices will be revealed after the North America International Auto Show that kicks off this weekend.

Just imagine. Now you, too, can own a thoroughly modern car with air bags, cup holders and lane departure warnings that looks like a more stylish 1986 AMC Eagle sedan. That’s progress, isn’t it? I hope Volvo has better luck with this than Honda and BMW did.

Steve Hanley

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