Solaris Electric Bus Also Packs A Hydrogen Fuel Cell

Electric Bus

What is 80 feet long, has 14 wheels, three electric motors, several tons of batteries and an onboard fuel cell? That would have to be the concept electric bus from Poland’s Solaris corporation. According to Green Car Reports, the proposed vehicle couples three Solaris Urbino modules together into one really long bus with two articulated sections that swivel to allow it to go around corners in urban areas.

The bus is powered entirely by electric motors. Its batteries are designed to be charged from an external source but it also has an onboard fuel cell in case the battery pack gets discharged before the bus can get to a charging station. Think of it as a much, much larger version of the range extender engine found in a BMW i3.

The concept was developed in conjunction with the Technical Universities of Poznan and Warsaw as part of the Inno-Tech program of the Polish government. The project was partially funded by a $1.7 million grant from the European Union, and is just one of many electric bus concepts, both real and imagined, out on the road. Some run on just electricity, others use fuel cells, and there’s even a poop-powered people mover roaming across England.

Steve Hanley

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