Ford GT Returns With 600 Horsepower, Carbon Fiber Body


Many automotive technologies have been proven on the race track, and the all-new Ford GT hopes to bring some of that technology back to the street. Featuring a 600+ horsepower 3.5 liter EcoBoost engine, a carbon fiber body, and sleek aerodynamics, the all-new Ford GT is also stunningly gorgeous. And best of all, Ford plans to build it.

It’s been nearly a decade since the last Ford GT rolled off of assembly lines, and the Blue Oval has brought it back with the most powerful EcoBoost engine they’ve ever created. Using information gleaned from their Daytona Prototype racing program, the new Ford GT also has active and passive aerodynamics that promise to make it one of the slipperiest cars on the road. Every inch of the new GT has been crafted with aerodynamics in mind, from the teardrop shape to the active rear spoiler, this car has been born and bred from Ford’s racing program.

Another contributing factor is extensive use of carbon fiber and aluminum. Ford has been hot-to-trot on weight lightening technology, putting the F-150 on an aluminum diet and supposedly bringing aluminum to other models down the road. With the Ford GT, the automaker hopes to start amortizing the costs of carbon fiber, to the point where they can start using it in more affordable passenger cars.

Speaking of cost, Ford hasn’t put a price on the new GT yet, and rumor on the showroom floor puts it anywhere from $150,000 (the cost of the original Ford GT) to up and over $600,000. If I had to make a guess which estimate is more accurate, I’d go with the $150,000 figure myself. Either way, I still can’t afford one, but damn if I don’t want one.







Christopher DeMorro

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