Nissan LEAF Owners Drive 50% More Than Combustion Car Owners

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In Europe, high gas prices discourage needless driving, but what happens when you take gasoline out of the equation? A study of Nissan LEAF drivers found that on average, these EV owners will drive about 50% more often than conventional car owners.

Without high gas costs to be concerned about, EV owners can drive more frequently, ignoring public transit and in some places enjoying perks like access to bus lanes and free parking. All these incentives, as well as the low cost to operate an electric car, encouraged the average LEAF owner to drive about 10,307 miles per year.

That stands in stark contrast to the 6,721 miles the average combustion-powered car owner will drive across Europe, though both numbers fall short of the 12,500 miles the average American will drive. Regardless, these numbers back up previous assertions that low-range EVs can cover 95% of daily driving trips, as LEAF owners are proving in spades. Using informaton gleaned from its CarWings app, Nissan was able to find that LEAF owners like driving…a lot.

“Since the beginning we have said that the Nissan LEAF is much more than just a city car or second car and now we can show the data that proves this. Our customers frequently tell us that they buy the Nissan LEAF as a second car, but end up using it far more than their other vehicle and the information we receive from CarWings reinforces that message,” says Jean-Pierre Diernaz, Director of Electric Vehicles for Nissan. “The customers tell us this is because the car has very low fuel and servicing costs and that along with the smooth, almost silent ride of the Nissan LEAF make it difficult to go back to a diesel or petrol car.”

Spanish LEAF drivers spent the most time behind the wheel, averaging 228 miles per week, followed by the Swedes (211) and the UK (201), while ze Germans drove the least (173). On average, European LEAF drivers drove about 198 miles per week, about 50% more than conventional car owners. Even with the cost of crude going lower and lower by the day, taxes are still keeping European petrol prices well above what Americans are used to. Is it any wonder EV sales have nearly doubled in the Old World?

Love driving, but hate gas prices? The obvious solution is to go electric, so you can drive to your heart’s content and still not pay one red nickel for petrol.

Christopher DeMorro

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