Buick Avenir Concept Is A Big Beauty That Could Use A Plug


While the Buick Cacada convertible was a poorly-kept secret leading up to tonight’s big reveal tonight, the Buick Avenir Concept was a complete surprise. Boasting sexy sedan styling, rear-wheel drive, and a direct-injection V6 with Active Fuel Management, the Avenir concept is missing just one thing…a plug.

I’m serious when I say that the Buick Avenir checks off a lot of important points for me. One, it’s just plain old pretty to look at. Mayhaps you disagree, but to me this is a great looking car, front to back. Not the boldest design, not the most cutting edge, but it was done well and with a lot of attention to detail.

And it’s big. Like Cadillac Escalade big, and the interior is every bit as opulent as you’d expect from GM’s top-of-the-line luxury automaker…only again, this is a Buick. It’s a far more fetching vehicle than the Cascada convertible that also debuted, and with features like a large 12-inch touchscreen front and center, GM has clearly been paying attention to automotive trends.

Unfortunately the one shortcoming of the Avenir is that despite being purely a concept car at the moment, GM failed to insert any sort of alternative-fuel drivetrain. It feels like a missed opportunity, especially since Buick was the first GM brand to roll out the eAssist mild hybrid system, and because it’s just a concept, the Avenir wouldn’t need to go all out with the green. Granted, it still has GM’s Active Fuel Management, stop/start, and direct injection for the next-gen V6 engine…but why not a plug? Especially since it’s just a concept?

But that may be the point…it’s just a concept. It’s a look at what future Buick designs could entail, and the possibility of a large halo car returning to the entry-level luxury brand for the first time in decades. If you look at the Avenir as a hint at the future direction of Buick, than there’s plenty to be happy about.

I dig the Avenir, and at the same time, I’m a little let down by it. But what are your thoughts?


Christopher DeMorro

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