Insane Diesel Beetle Battling Through Dakar


Rules for the Dakar rally are pretty loose. Get to the starting line in whatever form of vehicle you want and make it to the end. That’s about it. Over the years, this grueling international competition has seen its share of weird cars and trucks, but none stranger than this diesel Beetle for driver Stéphane Henrard, reports Jalopnik.

It features a 250 horsepower Volkswagen V6 turbodiesel engine crammed into the back where the original 36 horsepower air-cooled boxer engine used to be. Torque is probably measured in gobs rather than traditional lbs-ft, and with a total curb weight of just 3,000 pounds, you can bet this diesel Beetle is ready to fly. Competing alongside the diesel Beetle are some additional oddities, including the first pure-electric vehicle to try and complete the rally.

All in all, Henrard’s creation looks to be a very sanitary, highly professional build. Presumably he will be a leading contender in the “Vehicle That Most Resembles Herbie The Love Bug” class. No word on whether Dean Jones will share driving duties.



Steve Hanley

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