Renovo Coupe Adds NVIDA Processing Power


Last summer the super-secret Renovo Coupe was unwrapped, revealing a 500 horsepower electric sports car based on the body of a Shelby Daytona. With production slated to begin in early 2015, the Renovo Coupe has come out for the Consumer Electronics Show, where additional processing power from NVIDIA has improved performance.

NVIDA was on hand to unveil its new Terga X1 processor, which Renovo managed to get to before it was even announced to the general public. With over 1,000 different sensors to manage, Renovo was having trouble keeping up with the needed processing power, which is where the new Terga comes in. You can even see the processor at work on the Renovo’s 11.4 inch touchscreen instrument panel, if you are so inclined, though plenty of other information can be made available.

So what does this extra processing power do? Well besides making available oodles of pertinent information for the driver, it has apparently also boosted performance…though just how much, Renovo wouldn’t say. At Pebble Beach though the Renovo crew quoted figures of 500 horsepower, 1,000 lb-ft of torque, a 3.4 second sprint from 0 to 60 MPH, and a 30 kWh battery pack providing 100 miles of real-world range. Any improvement to any of those numbers would be welcome, though I’d personally prefer more range over more power. But hey, that’s just me trying to be practical about a very impractical car.

Another tidbit revealed at CES is a deal between Renovo and Brembo that will see the two develop and test a new line of carbon-ceramic brakes specifically for performance EVs. Tesla also uses NVIDA processing power in the Model S, but with a much older processor at its heart. Renovo has clearly taken a technological edge with this latest addition to its electric sports car, but it won’t be until the performance numbers are finalized that we can draw a real comparison.

With an emphasis on track performance over range though, Renovo is clearly cutting out its own niche in the electric car world. A niche that will cost you at least a half-million dollars to enter.




Christopher DeMorro

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