Now Is A Great Time To Buy A Tesla Roadster


Originally posted on CleanTechnica

On Christmas day Elon Musk announced that a new 400-mile battery pack upgrade would be offered to Tesla Roadster owners, giving it even more driving range than the Model S. As it turns out, now is a great time to buy a used Roadster, as one example sold on eBay for less than $55,000…about what you’d pay to buy a Toyota RAV4 EV (if you could find one, that is). It’s a great time to buy a Tesla, Roadster that is.

So what’s a $100,000 Tesla Roadster doing selling for about half its original price? One word friends…depreciation. It’s a bitch, especially when you buy a high-end vehicle like a Tesla. Also keep in mind that this was a 2008 Tesla Roadster, built in 2007, which means its already over eight years old! All in all, that’s about what one should expect to pay for a Roadster these days, even a Certified Pre-Owned one from Tesla itself.

This particular Roadster just about 11,700 miles on it so far and comes with all the home charging equipment needed to plug it in. It’s also got the adjustable suspension upgrade and the hardtop, two items you definitely want to go with your Roadster. With only 2,400 of the first-gen Teslas sold though, this is an item that could actually appreciate significantly in value one day down the road, especially if the electric automaker becomes a truly global player. And now with Tesla offering a 400-mile upgrade, you won’t be stuck driving old hat technology for much longer.

This is a future classic at a bargain price, and one day Tesla Roadsters will be prized by car collectors. I guarantee it.

Christopher DeMorro

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