2015 Yamaha eVino Arrives in Taiwan (w/ Video)

When Yamaha announced plans to offer a full, cradle-to-grave ecosystem of 100% electric motorcycles, many dismissed its plans as overly-ambitious green-washing. Here we are, barely a year later, however, and Yamaha has delivered on the first of its electrified promises. Meet the 2015 Yamaha eVino electric scooter.

Currently available for sale for the ultra-cheap price of just 58,500 New Taiwan Dollars (about $1850, USD), the 2015 Yamaha eVino features a large, practical cargo basket at the front along with a deep, under-seat storage space that- and I can speak from the sort of personal experience that comes with owning 3 of the things– will easily fit an XL 3/4 face helmet. Combined, the two storage spaces should make the little eVino an enormously competent grocery-getter and errand-runner.

Stylistically, the 2015 Yamaha eVino looks just like the standard Vino from the handlebars back. Up front, the large basket gives it a bit of a look, sure- but the star of the show for vintage scooter lovers is the fender-mounted headlight.

Fenderlight scooters are a thing, people. Trust me.

Beyond looking good and being immensely practical, capacity-wise, the new Yamaha eVino also features a clever removable battery pack, allowing apartment-dwellers or commuters to easily carry the battery pack into their homes or offices for all-day charging. Our more clever readers have already figured out that a small, removable battery pack could be placed at each location pre-charged, enabling all kinds of extended-range adventures for more interesting eVino riders.

The 2015 Yamaha eVino has a 20-25 MPH “moped” top speed, and a range of just over 15 miles on a single battery pack. With enough cargo capacity for a few dozen batteries, however, I can already think of some fun road test challenges for next year. Here’s hoping the little bike comes to the US, and that the super kick-ass Yamaha PES1 electric street fighter comes with it!


Source | Images: Yamaha, Motor Catalog, via Motorpasion.


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