Aston Martin Recycles Heritage Engines For Special Edition

Nostalgia and sustainability come together in the Aston Martin Works 60th Anniversary Limited Edition Vanquish, which uses recycled pistons from various eras to adorn the interior. It’s a unique take on sustainability, and naturally it won’t be cheap.

Automobiles are already amongst the most-recycled consumer products on the planet, with 80% of materials generally recaptured through the recycling process. That includes a lot of engines, though in a unique twist, Aston has recycled motors from several eras in its history, molding them into the center console dials for six limited edition Vanquish models. The metal specifically comes from the recycled pistons of six different eras of vehicles to pass through the Aston Martin Works in Newport Pagnell, Buckinghamshire, which built 15,000 vehicles between 1955 and 2007.


To best represent the brand, Aston recycled pistons from the DB 2/4 Mk II, the first model built at the Aston Martin Works site, and represents the 1955-1965 era. The DB5 stands in for 1965-1975, the V8 Coupe for 1975-1985, the V8 Vantage X-pack for 1985-1995, the V8 Vantage supercharged for 1995-2005, and the first-generation Vanquish for 2005-2015. Each of the dials has been laser-engraved with the special anniversary wording to let everyone know that when they adjust the climate control, they’re touching history. Too bad Aston’s hybrid concepts haven’t come to production yet, as that would add another level of sustainability to the brand.

It’s a bit cooler than sitting on soybeans or recycled Coca-cola bottles if you ask me.

Christopher DeMorro

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