2016 Chevy Volt Will Get Regen On Demand

Though it was based on the Chevy Volt, the Cadillac ELR got its own set of unique features, including paddle shifters linked to the Regen On Demand regenerative braking system. This allowed drivers to earn even more electric range through careful driving practices, and today it was confirmed that regenerative braking on demand will come standard on the 2016 Chevy Volt.

Like many plug-in cars, the Chevy Volt offers regenerative braking, though the driver doesn’t have any direct control over just how aggressive the regenerative braking is. Once you take your foot off the pedal, the regen kicks in, and you’re basically bound to whatever factory settings are in place. Cars like the Tesla Roadster and BMW i3 have particularly aggressive regenerative braking systems; other regen systems are hardly noticeable at all.

But the Cadillac ELR offered drivers Regen On Demand, using paddle shifters to allow adjustments to the regenerative braking depending on what the situation calls for. In city traffic, a more aggressive regen means more electric mileage, but on the highway drivers might want to tone things back. It’s arguably the best feature of a car that’s been subject to massive rebates and discounts.

So it makes sense to take the best of a bad situation and move it over to a larger vaolume product, in this case the Chevy Volt. Adding an extra layer of control (as well as Corvette-inspired looks) will undoubtedly be welcomed by hypermilers and control freaks alike, and 2016 Chevy Volt owners will be able to exert their MPG muscles via paddle shifters starting next year.

Christopher DeMorro

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