New James Bond Villain May Drive Jaguar C-X75

Jaguar C-X75

Powered by a hybrid-turbine setup pulled straight from a sci-fi movie set, the Jaguar C-X75 concept titillated our imaginations for the short time it was planned for production. Though the Jaguar C-X75 may never see the road in real life, the latest nemesis for James Bond in the upcoming spy flick “Spectre” may be behind the wheel of the turbine-powered concept.

Though the new Bond flick is reportedly plagued a crappy third act, cars will once again play a central role in the latest 007 production. According to AutoCar, there are a number of hints that the Jaguar concept will be making an appearance on the big screen, driven by new Bond nemesis Franz Oberhauser. Meanwhile 007 will have the new Aston Martin DB10, undoubtedly loaded with gadgets, to go up against the C-X75. Just what drivetrain will power the Aston remains a mystery, through the Jaguar concept will ditch its micro-turbine drivetrain in favor a more conventional supercharged 5.0 V8 from corporate.

While not officially confirmed for the new movie, Jaguar vehicles have featured in several recent Bond movies, like Casino Royale and Die Another Day. The C-X75 was one of the highest-profile concepts to come from the British automaker in quite awhile, and its unique design would make the perfect flagship for a bad guy bent on conquering the world through some overly-complicated scheme. It’ll be nice to see this cool concept get some screen time, even if it won’t ever actually make it to dealerships.

Instead, Jaguar is focusing on its latest model, the XE sedan, which carries a new look, an aluminum body, and a new line of engines with efficiency and power given equal priority. It’s unfortunate the 850 horsepower C-X75 couldn’t make it past being a concept, but it may still be a prudent move all the same. Who’s to say that somewhere along the way Jaguar doesn’t revisit the design to influence some future supercar that real-life villains (with a soft spot for green supercars) can drive.

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