World’s Most Efficient Container Ship Launches

Container Ship 1

The world’s largest container vessel is also the world’s most efficient container ship. How big is it?  It’s huge, actually, measuring 1312 long, 192 feet wide and 100 feet tall from the keel to the cargo deck. It can carry 19.100 20′ long containers or 9,550 40′ units. That’s about 24,448,000 cubic feet of stuff.

The ship was built by Hyundai Heavy Industries for China Shipping Container Lines and is the first of 5 such vessels on order. According to The Maritime Executive, the ship “features a 77,200 bhp electronically controlled main engine that enhances fuel efficiency by automatically controlling fuel consumption to reflect the vessel’s current speed and the sea conditions. As a result, [it] will burn 20 per cent less fuel per TEU in comparison to a reference 10,000 TEU container ship.”

Considering that a single container ship can emit as much pollution as millions of conventional cars, any reduction in emissions is welcome. Rather than relying on kites or solar panels, this is a positive move to curb one of the largest emitters of pollution left largely unchecked.

In addition to its enhanced efficiency, it already meets upcoming international regulations for ballast water management, shipboard recycling, bilge water separation, and recovery of refrigerants. It is intended to carry goods from China to European markets.

Container Ship 2

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