Honda Releases “Green Dealer” Guide To The Public

Honda "Green Dealer Guide"

There’s a lot of pressure on car dealers these days, particularly from Elon Musk and Tesla, but also customers who are increasingly vocal in their protests against poor service and over-consumption. In an effort to impress consumers and help dealers rein in energy costs, Honda has released its “Green Dealer” Guide to the public.

This guide highlights a number of passive and active energy efficiency improvements dealers can make to their stores, saving energy and money while promoting a concern for the environment. Consumers are more interested than ever in what corporations are doing to curb global warming, and Honda dealerships in particular have been some of the most active in embracing energy efficiency. One New Jersey Honda dealer can even claim to have net zero energy use thanks to efficiency measures and an extensive solar panel system.

The Guide offers hints and suggestions like installing LED lighting, painting the building and grounds a lighter color to reflect the sun’s energy, and the installation of modern windows and HVAC systems that can reduce electrical costs.
There are also suggestions like recycled car washes, garages lit by skylights, and even a rainwater cistern system for recycling sky fluids. Honda isn’t just asking dealers to do this either, but rather leading by example with extensive solar panel and wind power operations of their own.

So far 45 Honda and Acura dealers (out of about 1,300 nationwide) have reduced their energy consumption by at least 10%, and seven of those have cut their energy consumption down by over half. Though it’s a hefty upfront investment, it pays off in reduced costs and attracting green-tinted customers who want to help cut down on emissions and support businesses that do that same. Honda isn’t alone in their thinking either, as Ford recently introduced a pilot program to add solar and wind power to their greenest car dealers.

Now if only Honda would sell a dedicated electric car to plug into the EV charging stations they recommend dealerships install.

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