Formula E Punta del Este Race Highlights

In what was undoubtedly the most exciting race yet, the Formula E series took to the streets of Punta del Este, Uruguay for the third round of the electric racing series. While newcomer Jean-Eric Vergne managed to hold onto the lead for much of the race, it was Sebastian Buemi who ultimately took the checkered flag for the third round of the Formula E series.

Vergne’s Formula E debut was impressive when taken as a whole, managing to score a pole position during qualifying and also garnering the lusted-after Fanboost for a five-second burst of extra power. But a series of accidents and a poorly-timed pitstop saw Vergne lose his lead to Nelsinho Piquet, and then Buemi, who managed to hold off the Formula 1 vet for the rest of the race. Unfortunately for Vegne, he essentially wasted his Fanboost bump without actually passing Buemi, and on the final lap of the race who took himself out of contention with a broken suspension.

That left the checkered flag to Buemi, followed by Piquet and Lucas di Grassi, who has so far finished on the podium in all three Formula E events. di Grassi’s third place finish gives him 58 points over the 40 points of Buemi and and Sam Bird, the latter handily winning the last race in Malaysia. This puts the Renault e.dams team just ahead of Audi ABT in the manufacturer’s points as well (64 points to 62).

While it may not have quite the same sound or speed as Formula 1, the Formula E series is shaping up to be an exciting series worth watching on its own merits. Who are you rooting

Christopher DeMorro

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