230 HP Tata Nano is World’s Cheapest Supercar

JA Motorsport Tata Nano

As both a leader in mass-market natural gas/bio-diesel alternative fuel use and the world’s least-expensive new car, the Tata Nano has always been fascinating to us here at Gas 2. It didn’t quite become the hot seller that its makers had hoped, however, and plans to fund a sturdier, more powerful version of the Nano for US consumption haven’t yet come to fruition. If anyone at Tata is listening, however, I’d like to nominate the above version of the Nano for introduction to North America.

Built by Indian tuners JA Motorsport, this Tata Nano features a tuned, turbocharged version of the “Super” Nano’s 1.3 liter engine that’s good for 230 HP, giving the tiny car raucous acceleration and a ripping soundtrack from 0 all the way to the car’s 120 MPH gear-limited top speed.

JA Motorsport is calling their Nano “India’s Fastest Hot Hatch”, and adds Recaro seats, a racing-style wheel, a lowered and widened suspension, upgraded AP brakes, and ultralight racing-style wheels fitted, for show purposes, to a set of ultra-sticky track day tires.

The project is a great way to attract attention to India’s Nano, which has been largely ignored in the wake of smaller, more fuel-efficient vehicles like the Elio trike. Ironically, it’s been Elio’s efforts to create a new “autocycle” designation with the US’ Department of Transportation (so its customers don’t have to wear helmets on what is, legally, a motorcycle) that could open the door for the more practical, four-passenger Nano to come to the US and steal that vehicle’s thunder.

That would be interesting- the battle of the sub-$7000 brand-new (not) cars!


JA Motorsport 230 HP Tata Nano








Source | Images: Indian Autos Blog.

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