MyFordTouch Replaced By Better “Sync 3”


Though Ford was one of the first automakers to integrate a modern infotainment system into their cars, the MyFordTouch system was a constant blackspot on reliability reports. That will all (hopefully) change with the new Blackberry QNX-based Ford Sync 3 system, which takes all those criticisms to heart to try and build a better product.

Ford’s goals were simple; take one of the most frustrating infotainment systems out there, and make it simpler and more intuitive. The touchscreen now responds more like a smartphone, and button placement and prominence is determined by what buttons are used the most. Voice commands are also supposedly simplified and improved, allowing for plain language rather than needing specific name locations. “Detroit Airport” instead of “Detroit Metropolitan Airport” for example.

The new Sync 3 system will also work with Apple’s digital iPhone assistant Siri without ever having to take your eyes off the road. No word on Android capability, and given that Apple, Google, and Microsoft all unveiled new car software systems this year, it’s interesting Ford went with Blackberry instead. Perhaps they know something I don’t?

Sync 3 will be available in 2016 Ford vehicles, meaning mid-to-late next year. Any frustrated MyFordTouch owners ready to give the Blue Oval a second chance?



FordSYNC3_01_HR (1)

Christopher DeMorro

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