Top Gear Drives The Porsche 918 Spyder

For most of us, the closest we will ever get to being behind the wheel of the awesome Porsche 918 Spyder plug-in hybrid supercar is watching this video, in which Top Gear’s Richard Hammond takes one out on track in Dubai. Blasting the car down the 1.2 kilometer long back straight has to rank as one of the greatest thrills in all of motoring.

Only 918 of these 887 horsepower beasts will ever be made and every one of them is spoken for, according to Porsche. At $850,000 a copy, it’s unlikely I would ever be able to afford one anyway. But I can still save this video to a special place on my computer and revisit it whenever I feel my energy level dropping and need a rush of adrenalin.

Porsche’s chief of research and development, Wolfgang Hatz, says there may be a successor to the mighty 918 Spyder……someday. So there’s still hope for ordinary car nuts like you and me – if we start buying more lottery tickets. As good as the 918 is though, Top Gear still chose the rival BMW i8 as their Car of the Year. I wonder why?

Steve Hanley

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