Nissan LEAF Says, “Thanks A Billion!”

The Nissan LEAF has now been driven over a billion kilometers. That means 147,000 LEAF owners have driven their cars far enough to circle the Earth 24,953 times, and all in less than 4 years since the LEAF was first introduced.

To celebrate this milestone -or should we say kilostone? – Nissan UK has released a video commemorating the achievement. What’s more, the LEAF is now nearing profitability, an important metric as to whether or not Nissan stands by its electric endeavor. Now if Nissan designers could only find a way to make the LEAF a little more stylish and a trifle less homely? Oh, and a tad more range would be nice, too.

Wait, what’s that? The next Nissan LEAF will look more conventional and could have as much as 250 miles of driving range? It almost sounds as though Nissan has been paying attention to early EV buyers about what they want next. Here’s to another billion zero emissions kilometers of driving.

Steve Hanley

Closely following the transition from internal combustion to electricity. Whether it's cars, trucks, ships, or airplanes, sustainability is the key. Please follow me on Google + and Twitter.