Electric Ice Racing Kicks Off Sixth Season In France

Last weekend the sixth annual Trophée Andros Electrique electric ice racing series kicked off with back-to-back races dominated by Adrien Tambay, reports Electric Autosport. Though powered by small 67 kw/90 horsepower electric motors, this nimble ice racers can top 100 MPH on the short and slippery tracks.

The races last just 35 minutes each, with the 320-volt batteries providing just enough juice for the flyweight racers to go all-out for the entire race. Electric racing introduces a new twist on pit stops, and each racing series is devising new ways to handle the limitations of battery technology. In Formula E, racers switch cars halfway through, and battery management plays a critical role in determining who crosses the finish line first.

In the Andros Electrique racing series, drivers have to ensure they have enough energy left at the end for a last-lap push, as there’s no chance to swap cars or drivers at any point in the race. That didn’t appear to be an issue with Adrien Tambay, who beat out three-time defending champ Christophe Ferrier to win the first two races.

When it comes to racing, humans will always find a way. Ice racing is a proud tradition in many frozen places, and the French have adopted EV technology in a damn entertaining way. Electric vehicles are taking over all sorts of motorsports, from Formula E to the Dakar Rally and even drag racing. They may not be the dominant choice now, but the more exposure people have to the exciting side of electric cars, the more likely they are to test drive, or even buy one in the future.


Christopher DeMorro

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