Tesla Owners In Norway Clamoring For Dual Motor Drive


In the last month, the number of used Tesla Model S sedans for sale in Norway has gone from about 20 or 30 vehicles to nearly 150, reports VG.no. Why? Because owners want to upgrade to the Dual Motor all-wheel drive variant, and they’re doing so at an impressive rate.

While the Model S can handle the cold and snow with plenty of competence for a rear-wheel drive vehicle, the additional safety and grip offered by the Dual Motor Drive obviously has a lot of appeal in a place like Norway. Driving in the snow is a way of life in Scandinavia, and despite the steep cost to upgrade, it makes a lot of sense for someone who has to do a lot of driving through Norway’s aggressive winters.

Naturally there’s bound to be a few sour apples who just received their car, only to learn that all-wheel drive is finally an option. For the most part though people understand this is how the auto industry works, and for awhile in Norway it could actually cost you more to buy a used Model S than new. Why? Because some people are willing to pay a premium to have their Tesla RIGHT NOW. That should tell you the kind of enthusiasm Tesla owners in Norway have.

Elon Musk has stated that demand for the Dual Motor Drive Model S is “off the charts”, particularly the 691 horsepower P85D variant. Norwegian buyers probably make up a good chunk of those orders considering that 14% of new car sales in the cold country are plug-in vehicles thanks to a long and generous list of incentives. With all-wheel drive now an option on the Model S, will Tesla retake the top sales spot in Norway?

It wouldn’t surprise me in the least if that’s exactly what happened.

Christopher DeMorro

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