Tesla Limo Service In Chicago Proves Popular

Tesla Limo

Chicago’s E-Motion Chauffeurs and Hires began operating in October with a fleet of six Tesla Model S cars. Demand was so strong, the company’s server crashed in the first week. Just two months later, it has placed an order for 6 more cars – all of them the newly introduced all wheel drive Model D.

Company owner Abdullah Illahi is no stranger to the world of commerce. He is a successful commodity trader who knows that to break into a competitive market, you need an edge. Illahi figured using Teslas exclusively would give him the advantage he needed. “We are completely booked and I’ve been looking for other Tesla owners to try to cover some of our overflows” Illahi told HybridCars.com in an interview. As part of his marketing strategy, his cars are the only ones in the world that are completely black inside and out.

In addition to the environmental considerations of using only zero emissions cars, Illahi expects maintenance costs for his fleet will be far lower than they would be for gasoline powered cars. He isn’t alone in his thinking either; Tesla Tours out of Portland takes customers on vineyard trips across the Oregon wine country, and in London the high-tech GLiiDE taxi service also uses the Model S exclusively.

He is already planning to expand his all Tesla Model S limo service to either Los Angeles or New York. “We’ve gotten a lot of regulars from New York. They love Teslas and would love to see us take our business to Wall Street.”


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