Chevy Volt Owner Crosses 200,000 Miles


Worried that plug-in cars might be too fragile or technologically complicated in the real world? Well Chevy Volt owner Erick Belmer has proved that you shouldn’t be, as InsideEVs reports the Ohio man’s plug-in hybrid just crossed the 200,000 mile marker, and he hasn’t experienced a single problem yet.

Belmer is among the early adopters of GM’s plug-in hybrid, and since purchasing his 2012 Volt he has driven an average of over 6,000 miles per month. That’s a lot of driving, and though he often drives well past the 38-mile range of his Volt, he’s still managed to do over 36% of his driving in EV mode. He’s managed to get an average of over 60 MPG in his Volt for the past two years, an impressive feat considering he drives as much in one year as many people do in five years.

Many fleet owners of the Volt don’t even crack 40 MPG, though Jay Leno’s Volt averages over 2,300 MPG. The actual average fuel economy for Volt owners is somewhere around 450 MPG, but Belmer is still doing better than 99% of America though, and he’s done it over the long term to boot.

As you might imagine Belmer is pretty enthused with his accomplishment, telling InsideEVs;

“Volt is holding up flawlessly! No noticeable battery capacity loss. Used 9.7 kw because it’s a 2012. I am so pleased with this vehicle!”

“The Volt was always my dream car! To get to drive it everyday is a dream come true! This car is Wonderfully engineered!”

Here’s to another 200,000 flawless miles.

Image: Erick Belmer

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