400 Horsepower Volvo XC90 T8 PHEV Gets Official


Until now, the combination of the Volvo XC90 luxury crossover and 450 horsepower Twin Engine plug-in hybrid drivetrain was winked at, but not made official. The 400 horsepower Volvo XC90 T8 plug-hybrid crossover is officially official, allowing you to haul ass between soccer games and the grocery store with minimal environmental impact.

There’s plenty of appetite for the XC90, with the top-of-the-line First Edition selling out in less than two days. Those who jumped on the First Edition got a 320 horsepower Drive-E turbocharged four-cylinder gas engine, but buyers with a bit more patience can also get an 80 horsepower electric motor added to the rear wheels, bringing total output to 400 ponies. While not quite as much as the 450 horsepower produced by a triple-charged Drive-E prototype engine, it’s still enough twist to put the XC90 T8 in a class of its own.

Feeling guilty for having so much fun? Well don’t as Volvo predicts a 59 MPGe rating, and claims 25 miles of all-electric driving before the gas engine kicks in. Hopefully Volvo will allow buyers to combine the Twin Engine drivetrain with the R Design package, which adds a bit more sport to the XC90. Even better will be when tuning house Polestar gets a chance to tweak and tune the plug-in crossover.

While plans for a sexy Volvo coupe have been put on hold, I can’t help but imagine combining that sleek design with this potent hybrid drivetrain. The XC90 is pretty sexy as far as crossovers go, but this drivetrain is begging for a sports car body to support its performance ambitions.

Christopher DeMorro

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