Tesla Model S P85D Deliveries Begin


In October Elon Musk unveiled the 691 horsepower Tesla Model S P85D, claiming this new electric sedan could accelerate from 0 to 60 MPH in just 3.2 seconds thanks to the new Dual Motor Drive system. Tesla fans have responded with “off the charts” demand for the Model S P85D, and this month the first deliveries of this electric supercar have begun.

Over at the Tesla Motors Club forums contributor Lump posted the above picture from a Motor4Toys event in California. Though some current Model S owners have opted not to upgrade to the all-wheel drive Tesla due to the high costs and low trade-in values, others are ready for the “insane” acceleration of the P85D.

With the first deliveries underway, so has come the latest ratings, and despite Elon’s claims of slightly increased range, the Model S85D is still only rated at 265 miles per charge. Those opting for the 691 horsepower P85D will end up sacrificing about 10% of the maximum driving range with an EPA-rated 250 miles per charge, due mostly to a precipitous drop in city range. That drops to just 242 miles per charge if you get the 21-inch wheels, but people have been sacrificing versatility and efficiency for bling and performance for decades now. The official EPA ratings are still pending, but they’re more likely to go down than up.

With this all new monster Tesla prowling the roads, it’s only a matter of time before the first head-to-head videos crop up. What conventional sports car would you like to see the Tesla Model S P85D decimate in a drag race?


Christopher DeMorro

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