Russian Armored Assault Vehicle Makes HUMVEE Look Beautiful


If you are the Russian Army and you want the latest in an armored assault vehicle, naturally you aren’t going to buy something from America. Oh, no. Not when you have the proud heritage of ZIL at your disposal. This as yet unnamed new combat vehicle has all the style and grace of a Soviet era industrial complex and boasts such space age technology as a ladder frame on leaf springs and drum brakes. A 185 hp Cummins diesel engine (it’s still ‘Merica-powered after all) powers all four wheels through a 5 speed transmission and a two speed transfer case. How’s that for up-to-date thinking?

ZIL claims the body was designed using “advanced 3D modeling,” with a special emphasis on building a psychologically intimidating and “menacing” aesthetic. It can be had in multiple configurations, all of which feature seats apparently stolen from the waiting area at your local registry of  motor vehicles. The design is said to be lighter and more efficient than previous designs, as the Russian military also has concerns about the security of fossil fuels in the future.

As reported by Jalopnik’s Foxtrot Alpha, the clam shell doors on each side and the rear hatch are designed to give the soldiers inside a clear shot at agitators and terrorists outside. Sadly, when open they also make those same troops vulnerable to any insurrectionists lurking in the shadows. But then again, the Russian army has always been known for putting the casual in casualties.

Sources suggest this will be the fighting vehicle of the future for the Russian Army. Which is probably good news for its enemies.

Steve Hanley

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