Ace Parking Expands EV Charging Offerings


Parking spots may not be a sexy side of the alternative transportation, but many EV drivers still find that they need a place to plug in while out on longer journeys. Ace Parking, a nationwide provider of parking spots, has made an effort to offer a lot of places to plug-in for EV drivers by installing charging stations at many of its locations.

Encouraging more EV infrastructure has been a cornerstone of getting people to embrace plug-in vehicles, and today there are literally tens of thousands of public charging stations across the country. The future of EV charging stations is even more exciting though, as ideas like wireless charging mean you won’t even have to plug in to charge up. Imagine a world where every parking spot also secretly doubles as an EV charger? That future isn’t as far off as you might think.

For now though there’s still plenty of places to for the traditional method of plugging in to fill up. Ace Parking has as many as a half-dozen charging stations at 30 of its lots spread out across Arizona, Maryland, Washington D.C., Texas, and (mostly) California. While parking lot charging stations might not be as cool as the Tesla Model S, they’re every bit as important to the success of electric vehicles in the coming years. The more places to plug into, the more likely future car buyers are to consider an electric vehicle.

And that benefits us all.

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