Pink Electric Mustang Hits The Dyno

There is one electric car that almost every little girl has driven and loved, the Pink Barbie Mustang Power Wheels, I personally had a Pink Barbie Jeep Power Wheels (I liked the off-road capabilities), but the Mustang was always high on my list. Thank about it for a second; this is the first electric car most children were introduced to and fell in love with and holds some sentimental value. But just how much power can you expect from this pink plastic muscle car?

DBR High Performance wanted to find out, so they set one of these Power Wheels on a power-measuring dyanmometer. They even had to loosen a screw on the shifter to making sure the mustang could run full power in Rabbit mode. Unfortunately (or obviously) as predicted by all those that actually have had the chance to drive a Power Wheels, the 2013 Pink Barbie Mustang does not produce much power.

The 2013 Pink Barbie Mustang Power Wheels makes a mear .02 hp with too little torque to even register on the rollers. In comparison a 2013 mustang GT make 361 hp at 377 ld-ft of torque quite a difference. That’s quite the difference, though it pales in comparison to the 750 horsepower made by the Black Zombie electric Mustang. Just because it’s electric doesn’t mean it has to be slow.

But in my opinion the Barbie Mustang isn’t just a pretty car, it’s a great first introduction for electric cars to the very individuals that will one day be driving real electric cars legally on the roads.

Nicole DeMorro

Nicole has always had a passion for all things green and sustainable and she practices what she preaches in her everyday life, from recycling and upcycling to gardening and her flock of backyard chickens.