Nissan LEAF Breaks Another Electric Car Sales Record (November EV Sales Report)

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To no one’s surprise, the Nissan LEAF led US electric car sales in November, with a total of 2,687 sales. It commanded  of the electric car market in November (excluding Tesla, of course, since we don’t have Tesla numbers and “estimating” them is now just a big guessing game). Nissan also set a new November electric car sales record! No electric car has ever seen so many US sales in November.

Despite dropping 30% compared to its November 2013 sales, the Chevy Volt still managed to hold onto second place. It ended up with 1,336 sales, 16% of the market.

The BMW i3 took third (coincidentally), with 816 sales and 10% of the market. It was followed closely by the Ford Fusion Energi (752 sales / 9% of the market) and Ford C-Max Energi (644 sales / 8% of the market).

In November 2013, the LEAF had 27% of the market (2003 sales) and the Volt 26% (1920 sales). The Toyota Prius Plug-in was then third (15% / 1100 sales), and the Ford C-Max Energi and Ford Fusion Energi were fourth and fifth, respectively.

For January through November 2014, the Nissan LEAF has a commanding lead at 25,010 sales (30% of the market), followed by the Chevy Volt (15,767 sales / 19% of the market), Toyota Prius Plug-in (11,031 sales / 13% of the market), Ford Fusion Energi (10,018 sales / 12% of the market), and Ford C-Max Energi (7,249 sales / 9% of the market). Of course, the BMW i3 was introduced in the middle of the year, and sales didn’t get going for a few months (presumably because of supply issues). The Toyota Prius Plug-in was performing very well for many months, but has dropped off dramatically. It’s hard not to assume that’s a supply/production issue. However, the BMW i3 and two Ford Energi Models could simply be eating into its share of the market.

As I’ve noted previously, there seem to be 5 companies that are somewhat or very serious about selling electric cars: Nissan, BMW, Ford, GM, and (of course) Tesla. Hopefully Volkswagen and Kia (and others!) will join them, but we’ll have to wait to see.

Here are a couple of tables if you want to examine the numbers more yourself:

US EV Sales 2014 - November 1


US EV Sales 2014 - November 3

As you can see in the last two rows of that table just above, it seems the Chevy Volt has lost market share to the Ford Energi models, Toyota Prius Plug-in, and BMW i3. How much of this is due to supply, we have no idea.

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