Record Setting Sunswift Solar Car Turns To Crowdfunding


There aren’t many electric cars that can rival the range of the Tesla Model S, but the Sunswift eVe solar car can. Using a lightweight body and super-efficient solar panels, the student-built Sunswift can travel over 300 miles at highway speeds without plugging in. Now the team behind this long-range solar car is turning to crowdfunding to make their car road legal.

Having officially set a world record for the fastest solar car to travel over 500 km on a single charge, the 60 undergraduate students that helped put the Sunswift eVe on the road want to raise approximately $30,000. That money will allow the team to go through the necessary processes with the Australian motor vehicle department to make their concept car road legal, the first step towards their ultimate goal of achieving mass production. The $30,000 is about one-third of the money they need to complete the testing, and they hope to source the rest from industry partners and sponsors.


Let’s be real here, the chances of us being able to buy a practical, solar-powered car anytime soon are pretty low. On the other hand, major automakers like Mercedes seem to think solar panels covering parts of passenger cars is a likelihood (just not anytime soon), and in places like Australia where solar power is booming, maybe the Sunswift eVe stands a chance of becoming more than just a cool concept.

After all, not many people believed Tesla Motors would ever become much more than a niche automaker, but it seems to be all anybody can talk about these days.

Could this unlikely team of Australian engineering students be the next Tesla? With your help, they just might be, so if you’re feeling generous head on over to their Pozible site to kick in a few bucks towards this ambitious solar-powered automobile.

Christopher DeMorro

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