1,100 Tesla Model S Sedans Need More Motor Grease


In the recent quarterly report to investors, Tesla CEO Elon Musk admitted that manufacturing an automobile presents a lot of unique challenges, and identifying potential issues is never easy. Autoblog Green reports that in Norway, some 1,100 Tesla Model S sedans are being recalled so the automaker can apply more grease to a key drivetrain component.

The part in question connects the electric drive motor with the single-speed gearbox, and the lack of grease could result in premature wear-and-tear which has apparently already affected 1% of the models. This appears to be a Norway-specific issue, and the way Tesla ships the cars to Europe in batches makes it appear that one such shipment simply didn’t get greased up enough.

In the two years since it has gone into production, the Model S has faced several publicized “non recalls” for issues that includes better battery protection and failing battery packs and electric motors. Most of these issues have been ironed out fairly quickly, though Consumer Reports still rates the reliability of the Model S as just average.

Don’t expect this little hiccup to slow Tesla sales in Norway though, with 14% of October vehicle sales there being plug-ins. There’s still plenty of generous incentives to make buying a Model S a winning proposition in the cold Scandinavian country, recalls or not, though this snafu also demonstrates that Tesla still has plenty of growing pains to work through.

Christopher DeMorro

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