Tesla Displays “Evolution” In Fremont Factory

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There are a number of reasons why so many people have become Tesla fanatics. Of course, the amazing vehicles Tesla has created or is planning to create are a big part of that. However, there are several other factors behind that fanaticism as well.

Some examples that come to mind for me are: Elon Musk’s direct honesty and humility, Elon Musk’s intense determination, Elon Musk’s clear concern for humanity and helping society as a whole, the way Elon Musk uses Twitter to make or tease big announcements (hmm, a lot of these are centered around Musk himself, aren’t they?), the way Tesla changed the game when it came to selling cars (i.e., online and in Apple Tesla stores in malls), the way Tesla engages in fun and clever guerrilla advertising (or does all of that just come from Tesla’s fans?), and the cool and geeky things it incorporates into its work just for fun (or perhaps more guerrilla advertising and an innovative employee happiness program).

On that last topic, some examples that come to mind are: naming its huge factory robots after X-Men superheroes, sticking a comic strip about that in the factory as well, putting a giant comic with the line “All Our Patent Are Belong To You” on the wall where its patents used to be showcased, and creating this wall of evolution in its Fremont Factory:

Tesla Evolution Wall

That apparently follows this:

iron man tesla

A sense of humor, an eye for fun, and a long-term vision for the betterment of society go a long way. Let’s hope Tesla doesn’t lose any of that when Elon Musk bows out in a few years or so.

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