Tesla Model X Reservation Holders Get More Info


Originally revealed in February of 2012, the Tesla Model X has so far racked up over 20,000 reservations from interested buyers. Though production of the Model X has been pushed back until late 2015, Tesla is keeping reservation holders updated with the second note this year.

First Tesla took the time to assure reservation holders that the automaker is “delivering a product that was even better than the show car”, and yes, falcon-wing doors will be a major part of the design. Tesla also confirmed that the Model X will get the same 376 horsepower Dual Motor all-wheel drive system and Autopilot features that debuted last month for the Model S, though these features have been optimized for the largest SUV.

Then comes the bad news; Tesla will “much of 2015 building and testing production-intent prototypes”, and that anyone ordering a Model X today shouldn’t expect to get it until “well into 2016.” The note goes on to add that Tesla has achieved an “unprecedented level of aerodynamic efficiency” with the electric SUV, which I’m sure we’ll hear more about as production draws nearer. Keep in mind though that just 5 months ago, Tesla was aiming to begin production in “early 2015”, and I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s one more delay before deliveries begin.

The biggest news was saved for the bottom of the note though, confirming that the Tesla Model X will be the first production electric vehicle with towing capacity. Just what that capacity is, Tesla isn’t saying, and yesterday I speculated that this seemingly innocuous issue could be what’s holding up production. The fact that the note overlooks towing capacity and then focuses on “accessories and racks to transport skis and bikes” and that Tesla is working with companies to develop “elegant carrying solutions” for the Model X. Making a roof rack work with the falcon-wing doors will indeed require an elegant solution.

The note (posted in its entirety below) finishes by thanking Tesla customers for “helping to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable transport”, and you don’t often hear automakers thanking their customers for much of anything. That’s a nice touch, though I wonder how many reservation holders are getting antsy for their futuristic electric SUV? How many more delays are acceptable before impatience and outrage starts to build?


Christopher DeMorro

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