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EV Obsession has its own annual list of electric cars on offer (continuously updated), but a startup out of San Diego is looking to do something a little more… tangible. It is looking to produce an EV Buyers Guide for 2015* aimed at a mainstream audience.

Electric Car Insider magazine has created a Kickstarter campaign in order to try to fund the creation and distribution of this guide. The publisher “wants to place it at eye level retail throughout the US.”

For each production electric vehicle on the US market, the guide will have a full-page profile about it. The aim is to drop this guide on 1,000 newsstands across the country.

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As I’ve argued over and over, the biggest obstacle to an electric car revolution these days is simply awareness — electric cars have so many advantages over gasmobiles that I’m convinced sales will explode once they experience them and get to understand them better. So, I’m thrilled to see the publisher, Christopher Alan, looking to create this guide and distribute it widely. It can only help.

Alan notes: “The unfortunate reality is that most automakers do not advertise their electric cars, and auto dealers do not promote the cars. The initial high prices of electric cars at their introduction in 2010 and 2011 has given way to some incredible bargains in 2014. Nine EVs are now available for less than $200 per month. Fuel cost savings often offset the monthly cost entirely, making EVs free cars for many commuters. But most people haven’t kept up with developments and are unaware that electric cars are now very cheap to purchase and drive. We aim to change that.”

Indeed, most companies are only creating “compliance cars.” Of course, Tesla is all-in on electric cars. Nissan seems to be selling as many LEAFs as it can, and BMW actually has the highest percentage of its US sales coming from an electric car (the BMW i3) of any major auto company, but otherwise it’s hard to believe any other company is even putting in 50% of an effort to sell electric cars. Ford and GM are the next in line between those companies, but they’re certainly not putting a lot of effort into it.

“But among people familiar with EVs, there is an enthusiasm that ranges from fan to fanatic,” Alan notes. “Drivers of electric cars form EV clubs, avidly post in online forums, hold national rallies and give ride & drives in their personal cars to both friends and strangers. Advocates cite motivations ranging from environmental concerns to national security to substantial personal savings as reasons to drive electric.”

Go make a pledge to Alan’s campaign right now to get this EV Buyers Guide funded! One of the rewards on offer is a loan of Alan’s Tesla Model S. Not a bad little reward. 😀

*This article was kindly sponsored by Christopher Alan.

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