$200,000 T Sportline Model S Coming To LA Auto Show

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There are few cars on the market as in-demand as the Tesla Model S right now, and despite their relative rarity, owners are wasting no time customizing the electric sedan to their tastes. T Sportline, which claims to be the “World’s First” Tesla Tuner, is bringing a modified $200,000 Tesla Model S to the LA Auto Show next week…and that’s all they’re saying for now.

T Sportline offers Model S owners a number of interior and exterior modifications, including wheels, bodykits, spoilers, and even steering wheels designed to make a Tesla standout from its brethren. As you might imagine, aftermarket parts for a car that starts at $70,000 aren’t exactly cheap, though they’re also not that much more expensive than what you’d pay for parts on a similar luxury car.

Even so, T Sportline has apparently found room to fit a ton of modifications onto their version of the Model S, the full list of which adds up to $205,820 (including the cost of labor and the car). That’s about $50,000 more than the Saleen FOURSIXTEEN Model S that debuted over the summer, and $85,0000 more than the range-topping all-wheel drive Tesla Model S P85D with 691 horsepower and a 3.2 second 0 to 60 MPH sprint. What would compel someone to spend that much on a Model S when you can get a full bodykit and BBS wheels from Unplugged Performance for less $10,000?

Exclusivity for one reason, and because they can for another. I’ve met people who’ve spent just shy of a half-million dollars modifying a Ford Mustang that originally sold for around $4,000. The Tesla Model S is a pretty uncommon car outside of California and Norway, but some people can’t leave a car in factory form, and I can’t say that I blame them.

A burgeoning parts aftermarket is already springing up around Tesla Motors, giving it some street cred as a legitimate sports car, and other plug-in cars like the BMW i3 are also benefitting from the newfound interest in modifying EVs. There’s also no telling what sorts of goodies T Sportline has stacked in this latest modified Model S, and I’m open-minded when it comes to my dream garage.

From what I’ve seen so far, T Sportline knows how to spruce up a Tesla (though individual tastes will vary), and I’m hoping this Tesla tuner will bring some more affordable aftermarket options to the Model II as well.



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