European Startup Wants To Crowdfund A Tesla Competitor


While the conventional auto industry is rushing to build a competitor to the Tesla Model S and the upcoming Model X SUV, a Latvian/German startup is taking a different approach. Inabikari wants to crowdsource the funding for a 400-mile Model X competitor that sprints from 0 to 60 MPH in just 5 seconds, reports Hybrid Cars.

The first images don’t reveal much of the proposed all-electric SUV, which is being called Rev.01 and will utilized an undescribed “Intelligent Drive System” that promises to deliver efficiency and performance. Alas, without many details, the ambitious startup may have a hard time procuring its first round of $100,000 in funding…which truthfully won’t buy all that much.

Even the $1 million stretch goal wouldn’t go far towards funding the construction of an all-new electric vehicle, making it hard to call the Rev.01 anything other than vaporware at the moment. Though the original concept formed in 2008, the company doesn’t expect to begin production until 2017 at the soonest…and even that seems wildly ambitious. With Tesla setting the standard for electric vehicles, conventional automakers and fresh startups alike are going to be clawing for attention and sales, but history has proven time and again just how difficult it is to start a new car company.

Inabikari has proven one thing though; if you want people to pay attention to your new car, just mention Tesla and you’ll probably get it. With the Model X delayed yet again though, the market for an electric crossover remains wide open.

Christopher DeMorro

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