Indianapolis Replacing 425 City Vehicles With Plug-Ins


The mayor of Indianapolis has announced a major overhaul of the city’s vehicle fleet that will replace over 500 conventional vehicles with 425 plug-in cars. Over the next decade the plan should save the city $8.7 million in fuel and maintenance costs, despite the higher cost of electrified vehicles.

Spearheaded by Mayor Greg Ballard, the plan will reduce Indy’s aging non-police pursuit fleet by 100 vehicles and use vehicles like the Nissan LEAF and Ford Fusion Energi to replace gas guzzlers like the Ford Crown Victoria, which still sees regular use by detectives and public servants. By the end of the year Indy will have replaced at least 100 conventional vehicles with plug-ins, including 50 Fusion Energi sedans for its police department, and by 2016 the city hopes to have deployed some 425 plug-in cars across various public departments.

“This is a landmark step in revitalizing our aging fleet and replacing expensive internal combustion engine vehicles with cutting-edge EV technology, all while reducing our dependence on oil and saving Indianapolis taxpayers thousands in fuel costs each year,” said Mayor Ballard. “America’s dependence on oil ties our national and economic security to a highly-unpredictable, cartel-influenced global oil market. Diversifying the types of vehicles and fuels available to our drivers offers our city protection from often-volatile oil prices and better prepares us for the future.”

The plan estimates that each plug-in vehicle will save between 550 and 600 gallons of gasoline each year, adding up to 2.2 million gallons of unburned oil. The city has financed the purchase through Vision Fleet, which guarantees savings versus gasoline. The “Freedom Fleet” could make Indianapolis among the most electrified vehicle city fleets in the world, which isn’t something you normally expect out of the MidWest.

I guess the times really are a-changin’.

via EVObsession

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