Don’t Buy it, Build It: the Bamboo Bicycle Kit

Bamboo is an incredible material- suitable for building or distilling high-test fuels, the fast-growing plant could be the cornerstone of a more sustainable future. It also makes for a sikk-looking bicycle frame.

That’s what the guys at Bamboobee believe, at least- and they build some of the best-looking bamboo bicycle frames on the market. Recently, however, they’ve decided to let their customers build some of the best-looking bicycle frames on the market by offering a complete, DIY bamboo bicycle frame kit.

Inside the flat-pack box are all of the raw material to build a bamboo bicycle frame from scratch. All you need to add to the equation is the epoxy (because of their flammable nature, shipping epoxies requires a special permit). Otherwise, the kit has it all: pre-mitered bamboo tubes, 25 meters of hemp fiber, a one time use frame jig, 6 cable holders, dropouts, aluminum tubes for the head tube, BB, seat tube, as well as a file, metal wire, tape, and step-by-step instructions.

You can check out a few photos of the Bamboobee DIY kit, below, and learn more about it in the company’s Kickstarter/promotional video at the top of the page. Enjoy!


Bamboobee Bamboo Bicycle Kit

Source | Images: Bamboobee, via Bike Rumor.

Jo Borrás

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