Bienville’s Latest Motorcycle Masterpiece (13 Photos)

bienville legacy - jt nesbitt motorcycle

It’s called the Bienville Legacy, and if you have to ask how much it’ll set you back, then you probably can’t afford it.

Built by JT Nesbitt around a high-torque 1650 cc Motus V4 engine, the Bienville Legacy is just the first of a series of hand-built, tailor-made, ultra-high-end motorcycles from the man behind the unique look and feel of the Confederate Hellcat. And I want one, badly.

JT Nesbitt is best known around here for his work on the stunning Magnolia Special. Built for Bienville Studios in old New Orleans, the car was a 1930s throwback featuring an obsessive attention to detail and a massive, straight-six engine powered by clean–burning, high-octane natural gas. Nesbitt’s latest project, however, takes the designer back to his motorcycle roots.

Only three of these “Legacy” machines will be built, according to Asphalt and Rubber. And each of those will be built to the specifications to their respective owners, who will have the option to spec up their Legacies all the way to 300 HP. (!) There’s a more in-depth technical explanation of the Bienville Legacy’s trick suspension and chassis bits over at the original Asphalt and Rubber article, as well as a few more high-resolution photos and a promo video. I’ve picked a few of my favorites and shared them, below. Enjoy!


Bienville Legacy Custom Motorcycle

Source | More Images: Asphalt and Rubber.

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