Toyota FCV to Compete in Japanese Rally Championship

2015 Toyota FCV Rally Car

The upcoming hydrogen fuel-cell powered Toyota FCV is almost ready for prime-time, and, while Toyota believes it’s ready for public consumption, they’ve decided to prove the point by entering the car in he Japanese Rally Championship. (!)

Details are scarce, but it seems clear that the standard Toyota FCV (Toyota Mirai?) chassis will be used, upgraded with blue, silver and black graphics, mud flaps, and lightweight alloy wheels at the very least. Roll cage, fire suppression, beefier suspension components, and brake upgrades are also expected, but it’s not entirely certain that Toyota will fiddle with the standard production FCV power unit.

We’ll know soon enough, however. The Shinshiro Rally kicks off tomorrow, November 1st. If the Toyota FCV rally racer hits 60 MPH in less than 10 seconds, we’ll know it’s been upgraded. It should be a fantastic durability and performance test for hydrogen fuel cell cars!

Stay tuned!


Toyota FCV Fuel Cell Rally Car

Source | Images: Toyota, via WorldCarFans.

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