Fan Boost Voting Begins For Formula E Race 2


Ever want to get more involved with your favorite race car driver, but couldn’t make it to the world-spanning races to cheer them on? Well Formula E has a solution to that called Fan Boost. Voting for the second Formula E race is now available online, and the three most popular drivers will get 20% more power for 5 seconds during the second race at Puntrajaya in Malaysia on Novemeber 22.

Fans can vote at the Formula E website or via Facebook and Twitter. Voting closes 1 hour before the start of the race. The three most popular drivers will be notified 20 minutes before the race begins so they can plan how best to use that extra power. Do they save it for a last-lap passing maneuver, or jump ahead of the pack at the beginning of the race? It adds an extra layer of strategy to this new electric racing series.

To keep costs down during this inaugural Formula E season, the cars are identical and use the same Renault supplied motor and battery package, which is limited to 202.5 horsepower in race conditions. But in the second season, teams will be free to use more powerful motors and batteries from other manufacturers as well. Audi already is sponsoring a Formula E team, and both Drayson Racing and BMW are also involved in the series. Having more manufacturers with a stake in the series should make for more competitive racing.

Formula One, the world’s preeminent open wheel racing venue, has been slow to adopt online technology like streaming video and social media. Perhaps Formula E will show its big brother the path to the future of motor racing in the digital age.

Steve Hanley

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