Warm-Up Lap: The Formula E Race That Never Was

Before the pomp and circumstance of the first official Formula E race in Beijing, the ten electric racing teams gathered at Donington Park for a 24-lap exhibition race. Here in its entirety is the nearly 14-minute race that unofficially began the inaugural Formula E season.

Though not initially broadcast except in a YouTube snippet, the Donington Race was the first time all 20 Renault-Spark SRT_01E race cars were on the track together. In its first year every team will use the SRT_01E as its primary race car, but as soon as its sophomore season the sport could see teams developing their own unique batteries and drivetrains.

What you’re watching here is essentially a full-speed test run prior to the opening race, a chance for the drivers to shake their cars down under race-like conditions. Sébastien Buemi, racing for Team e.dams Renault finished in first place after Franck Montagny racing for Andretti Motorsports ran his battery dry on the final lap, his car coming to a slow stop depleted of go-juice.

Last lap shenanigans seems to be a trend already in the Formula E series following the harrowing final lap crash at the Beijing opener. . Nicolas Prost and Nick Heidfield were battling for the lead in the last lap when Prost crashed into Heidfield, knocking both drivers out of contention. Hopefully the next race in Malaysia at the end of November proves just as exciting.

Christopher DeMorro

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