Volkswagen e-Golf Rated At 83 Miles, 116 MPGe


The seventh-generation Volkswagen Golf was just nominated as one of five finalists for Green Car of the Year, thanks in part to the soon-to-arrive electric e-Golf. Volkswagen has trotted out the official MPG ratings, and Volkswagen has built itself a contender to the Nissan LEAF.

With an 83 mile per charge rating, the e-Golf is just one mile shy of the LEAF’s 84 mile rating, but the Golf managed to score slightly better on the MPGe test with a 116 MPGe rating to the LEAF’s 114 MPGe score. The e-Golf has the same MPGe as the Fiat 500e, but falls short of both the Honda Fit EV (118), Chevy Spark EV (119) and BMW i3 (124), which puts it somewhere in the upper middle-class of electric vehicle efficiency.

The e-Golf comes loaded with a lot of standard features including an on-board charger that allows for an 80% recharge in as little as 30 minutes through a SAE Combo Charger. The e-Golf also comes equipped with pretty much every other feature you can get on a conventional Golf. Unfortunately that means a very German-like price premium of $36,265, whereas the Nissan LEAF starts out at $29,860, which leaves the two vehicles in decidedly different price brackets.

Also unlike the LEAF, the e-Golf will only be sold in a few select states that have proven to be EV friendly. Then there’s the fact that a new LEAF model is right around the corner with a fresh look and as much as 150 miles of driving range, which could make e-Golf seem obsolete just as sales get going.

Does the e-Golf stand a chance, or will Volkswagen’s slow start doom it to slow sales?

Christopher DeMorro

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