Henrik Fisker To Debut “Ultimate American Muscle Car”


The L.A. Auto Show is less than a month away, and Henrik Fisker is scheduled to return to the automotive world with Galpin Auto Sports at his side. According to Autoblog, Fisker may be debuting two new vehicles, including one dubbed the “Ultimate American Muscle Car”. You had my interest; now you have my attention.

Galpin Auto Sports and Galpin Motors form the basis of America’s largest Ford dealership, so there’s a pretty good chance whatever it is will probably use Ford parts. The most obvious possibility is a fresh take on the all-new 2015 Ford Mustang, which is both a Ford and a muscle car. But why include Henrik Fisker then if you’re just going to end up using an existing vehicle?

That opens the possibility of a completely new vehicle, perhaps in the same vein as the GTR1, a unique homage to the Ford GT supercar. Interestingly enough, Fisker is scheduled to speak at both the Galpin Auto Sport and Galpin Motors press conferences, which could indicate two vehicle debuts, rather than one. To be honest, my first thought was a reference to the Fisker Karma, rather than Henrik Fisker himself. Fisker (the company) is under new ownership, and Bob Lutz has talked at length about dropping supercharged V8s into leftover Fisker Karmas. That’s a far cry from the 150 MPG Fisker owners averaged during the days when the company still seemed viable.

Fisker (the designer) has kept himself busy since his billion-dollar automaker went bust, designing motorcycles among other things. Now that Henrik is supposedly working on muscle cars, it seems like he may have given up on his dream of building beautiful green cars. Until the official reveal though, I’ll hold out hope that perhaps Galpin and Fisker have something more than just another muscle car to add to the fray.

Christopher DeMorro

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