2015 Ford Focus Electric Price Now Costs Just $29,995


With just over 4,000 sales in three years, the Ford Focus Electric has become a fringe candidate in the EV sales battle. That may change with a $6,000 price cut, the second price cut for the 2015 Focus Electric which brings its starting price to $29,995 before incentives, according to a dealer document sent to LeftLane News. Will a lower price lead to higher sales?

That’s what Ford is hoping, and so far for competitors like the Nissan LEAF and Chevy Volt, the price cut has worked. This is actually the second price cut for the Focus Electric, which was initially priced at $39,995 before a $4,000 discount was applied in 2013. That still left it as one of the most expensive EVs out there though, and sales didn’t bounce up the way they did for the LEAF and Volt.

With another $6,000 off the MSRP, the Focus electric now comes in under the magic $30,000 mark that guides so many new car buyers, and within spitting distance of the starting price of the not-as-nicely-equipped $28,860 Nissan LEAF S. If you factor in Federal tax credits, the Focus effectively ends up priced at about $22,500, which should put it into consideration for a lot more car buyers. This will also reportedly be applied retroactively to leftover 2014 Focus Electric models. Hell, I’m even considering one myself, though I’m probably just gonna hold out for the Tesla Model III instead.

Still, at that price, the Focus Electric makes a lot more economic sense. Anybody suddenly change their minds about Ford’s EV?

Christopher DeMorro

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