Green Car Recap: LaFerrari EV Mode, Formula E Miami Map And More

Video proof the LaFerrari hybrid hypercar can run in electric-only mode (YouTube)
Though Ferrari executives claim the vaunted LaFerrari never runs on just electricity, this just-released video proves otherwise.

The first car to go over 65 MPH was an EV (EVObsession)
In 1899, two European inventors battled back and forth to hold the record for the world’s fastest car, using electric vehicles to set a series of speed world records.

Chevy Impala powered by garbage gas (GM Authority)
Quasar Energy Group has developed a method of turning compostable waste material and converting it into biogas for use in the Chevy Impala Bi-Fuel

China’s EV plans will help aluminum makers (Bloomberg)
The Chinese government’s push towards electric vehicles will have the side effect of benefiting the nation’s aluminum industry as well.

Designer proposes Thames River cycleway (CleanTechnica)
Bikes are a popular alternative to cars in congested London, and one designer’s outland proposal would place a bikeway in the middle of the Thames River.

Formula E Miami map revealed (Miami Herald)
Though the Miami leg of the inaugural Formula E season is still months away, the racing series released the final draft of its race course around the Florida city.

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