Polestar To Tune Volvo SUVs Next

The all-new Volvo XC90 R-Design

Sweden’s Polestar tuning house has built a great reputation through motorsports tuning Volvo sedans, and they’re ready to move onto their next big challenge; SUVs. In an interview with Drive, Polestar owner Christian Dahl revealed that he is ready to expand into the SUV game.

As it stands, Polestar only offers a full range of upgrades for the V60 sedan, but future plans call for a “hot hatch” version V40 as well as a full range of modifications for the XC60 and just-revealed XC90.

“Now we have the credibility from motorsport and the sedan models then I think we can expand the brand into the SUV segment,” Dahl said. He also confirmed that future models will use a new version of the Volvo Drive-E four-cylinder, going on to say; “It’s a really small engine. Within a car that’s big like an S60, being small gives you advantages in terms of packaging, what you can do with suspension.”

Polestar has previously mentioned integrating batteries and electric motors into future models, a not-so-subtle hint that the company has plans for the 400 horsepower XC90 Twin Engine hybrid. There’s also the chance the 450 horsepower tri-turbo Drive-E engine Volvo debuted last week could also be shimmied under the hood of the XC90, though there’s nothing quite like the instant torque of an electric motor.

Either way though, Polestar is going to bring some extra performance to a large luxury SUV; the only question is whether it can be plugged in or not.

Christopher DeMorro

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